Sunday, 10 May 2015

Wash Day

Artistic challenge Day 1: Wash Day. I have been nominated by Annie Holloway to present one artwork each day for 5 days and each day to nominate 2 others to take the challenge. Today I nominate Sue Colyer and Maggie Marten
Just looking out if my studio window this was the first thing I saw….so painted it!
Wash Day 
6 x 6 inches   acrylic on board   only £50 ( $76.45)  plus postage    PayPal < >

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  1. I was fascinated by the shadow of this washing it really was as intense as this really dark! unreal….it was a bright windy day perfect for putting the washing out and painting it.
    Wash Day 6 x 6 inches acrylic on board only £50.00